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Are your joints okay? Do your parents/grandparents start every morning with painful moans as their joints and muscles ache or feel sore? Then you need the best massage oil for joint pain - Dhuandhar Oil. It provides a warm soothing sensation as it is applied which results in immediate relief. It also reduces inflammation and stiffness while increasing blood flow in the area.

Dhuandhar tel is no ordinary oil. It is a revolution in the world of natural healing. Containing only the purest of herbs, this is the best ayurvedic oil for joint pain. It produces smoke as soon as it comes in contact with air. This smoke allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the muscles while also providing a gentle warmth to soothe the area. This joint pain oil can help you break free from years of discomfort and pain. For best results, use it regularly for 2 months. It is perfect for all kinds of pain including knee pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, shoulder pain, posture-related stiffness and much more.


Why Choose Dhuandhar Tel

  • Contains 20+ pure herbs that are 100% natural and authentic
  • No strong, overpowering odour
  • Produces smoke which makes it fast-acting
  • Provides a gentle warm sensation that soothes the muscles
  • Best joint pain relief oil made after extensive research on ayurvedic principles and anti-inflammatory herbs

Benefits of Dhuandhar Joint Pain Relieving Oil

  • Powerful combination of many potent ayurvedic herbs
  • Relieves pain and reduces inflammation in joints, muscles and tendons
  • Best joint pain oil to ease muscle stiffness and persistent body aches
  • Has no side effects
  • Rigorously tested to ensure premium quality

How to Use?

  • Take around 3-5 mL of Dhuandhar oil on your palm.
  • Apply on the affected joint and massage gently with small circular motions of your palm for upto 7 minutes.
  • Allow the oil to absorb completely.
  • After the massage, wipe the area with a wet cloth and apply either a lotion of your preference or coconut oil over the area.
  • For long-term relief from joint pain, use for 2 months.

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