Testimonial 1

I've used it a couple of times till now for neck pain and back pain caused due to workouts...and found it very effective. Gave relief in a few minutes.

Parvin Singh

Testimonial 2

Dhuandhar is really the best treatment for back pain. It relieved my back pain. As soon as the smoke went away, so did my pain. I am so grateful that I ordered this amazing oil.

Jaspreet Singh

Testimonial 3

When I used this oil for the first time and felt its relief, I was amazed. If I had found this oil 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have had to deal with my joint pain for so long.

Shilpa Verma

Testimonial 4

5 out of 5. It gives such a soothing sensation that I immediately felt better. Felt a little warm in the area and my muscles really relaxed.

Mahesh Sagar

Testimonial 5

After using it for 2 months, this oil had really made my knee pain so much better. I can now do things that I had given up on before. I can walk up the stairs easily, go to the market on my own and even jog.

Lalit Shubham